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"ANGELS", shortened from "Darwin's Angels", is the popular term for young and comely females (often Hollywood Starlets) that provide a range of ''personal services'' to the Darwintern's Grand Master.


"Angel" Candidates



Recruitment of Darwin's Angels


"Angels" are alleged to be recruited by a number of channels.  Primarily, it is believed, they are approached by DC agents and invited to attend a celebration "at a reclusive billionaire's Pacific Island estate."


Abductions involving chloroform, staged 'accidents', and stealth transport on Air Darwin transport flights are also alleged.

However, volunteers, attracted to great wealth and power, are not unknown.


Angels in the Galapagos


All Angels -- whether invited, abducted, or volunteer -- are said to be escorted, upon arrival in at DC Head Office in the Galapagos, into the notorious Vetting Chambers of the Grand Master's official Spokesman.  Whatever transpires within remains a deep mystery.


It is also claimed, that prospective "Angels" who fail whatever tests are administered in the Vetting Chambers are on occasion passed on to the Mary Shelley Memorial Laboratories, possibly to undergo genital engineering.


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