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BARAMINOLOGY is the study of "kinds", as specified by the Biblical account of Genesis.


"Kinds", which are called baramins, are held by Creation Science to be a distinct 'kind' of 'kind' from species, and are determined, not by morphological nor genetic similarities, but by the respective organisms' particular Day of Creation. All the critters shezammed into existence on, say, the third day, are baraminologically related one to the other.


While some Creationists allow that a given species may evolve within its baramin ("microevolution"), the concept of evolving into a species of another baramin ("macroevolution") is regarded with the same sort of abject horror as 'miscegenation' once was in South Africa or Alabama.


The absence of any mention in Genesis of the day of creating confectionary gives rise to a major controversy among leading baraminologists, to wit:


"Is Certs of the Breath Mint baramin, or of the Candy Mint baramin?"

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