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Black Ops

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"BLACK OPS" IS THE POPULAR NAME for DC's Ministry of Envy (Phylm Invidiae), one of the  Seven Deadly Ministries.  It is responsible for all matters of 'Security and Surveillance' for the Darwintern.



If we told you the early history of Black Ops, we would have to kill you.


Timeline of Covert Operations


Black Ops have been alleged perpetrators of a number of nefarious events; the following have all been validated by our Creationist Scholars as their work:


  • 1914: Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • 1922: Magic Teapot Dome Scandal nearly brings down President Harding
  • 1991: Public indecency acts by Agent Pee Wee Herman


It would seem likely that the Darwintern's Black Ops are major agents of the notorious Trowel Strategy.






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