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Creation Science

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CREATION SCIENCE is the wolf of Creationism attempting to don the sheep's clothing of Science. It is the oxymoronic coupling of an Oral Roberts with an Erlenmeyer flask, or a Jimmy Swaggart with a Linear Particle Accelerator.  In short: a toddler playing with a hand grenade.


Creationism is the doctrine (common to some denominations of several of the world's religions) that life was created by a specified deity or deities more or less in the forms we observe it today.  Authority for this doctrine is found exclusively in scriptural accounts.


Creation Scientists are typically ''sola scriptura'' literalists who nonetheless wish to drape their religious creed with the prestige and authority of ''hard science''.  However, two insurmountable barriers present themselves to this endeavour, to wit:


1. Hard science is exactly that: ''hard''.

2. Hard science demonstrates that some events presented as historical by scripture cannot be ''literally'' true.


As a result, Creation Science has in fact evolved into  the ''art'' of making stuff up to accord with prior belief.


Critics have repeatedly pointed out that Creation Science does not adhere to the scientific method, and its incomplete theories are not falsifiable as they do not make predictions, nor test them by experiment. To answer these charges, a team of Creation Scientists designed and executed the celebrated Tornado in a Junkyard Experiment in 1992.  The results of that experiment appear to have been supressed through the actions of Darwintern Agents.


In an attempt to overcome unfair US Consitutional restrictions on religious prosletysing in Federally-funded classrooms,   Creationists have  recently conducted a "copy and paste" re-branding of their doctrines as Intelligent Delivery.


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