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Dr  Abe Chilehem

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ABNER ("Abe") CHILEHEM (1943-    ) is a prominent Creation Scientist and former Professor of Baraminology at the South Kansas Normal Institute of His Second Coming in Glory.  He is a Fellow of the Dysovary Institute.


Dr. Chilehem is renowned for his celebrated Tornado in a Junkyard Experiment, which  conclusively refuted the false doctrine of Evilution -- or would have done, but for the fell machinations of the Darwintern's "Black Ops."


Before Chilehem was able to publish his 'Junkyard' results, he was arrested (following a tip-off by a DC Agent posing as an aged member of the local IWW) on charges of violating Washington State statute RCW 16.52.205 for inflicting "animal cruelty in the first degree." Released on bail, Dr. Chilehem fled the country and is currently residing in the Turk and Caicos Islands, where he is employed as a salesmen for a herbal anti-obesity dietary supplement.


Dr. Chilehem has more recently supplemented his income by supplying polemicist Cora Tunnel with much of her research for her book, Clueless: Why Karl Darwin is a Menace to Civilization as We Know It (Aryan Press, 2006).


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