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Welcome to 



Center for Seances and Sub-Culture


Who We Are


The Center for Seances and Sub-Culture is a Dysovary Institute program which:


  • supports research by Creation Scientists and other Creation Scholars challenging various aspects of Karl Darwin's pernicious theory of Natural Conception;
  • supports research developing the scientific theory known as Intelligent Delivery;
  • supports research in the social sciences and humanities exploring the impact of scientific materialism on culture.
  • encourages schools to improve science education by teaching students more fully about the Theory of Evilution, including the theory's scientific weaknesses as well is its sole responsibility for all forms of moral depravity known to man.


The Dysovery Institute's Center for Seances and Sub-Culture has more than 40 Fellows, including dentists, realtors, chiropractors, call-center agents, computer technicians, catering staff and life-style gurus, as well as a number of public motivational speakers and consumer rights experts, many of whom also have affiliations with college fraternities and university sports teams.


The Center's Supreme Pontiff is Dr. Arthur Bladderwart, who holds a Ph.D. in the Dinosaurology from South Kansas Normal Institute of His Second Coming in Glory.

The Center's Suffragan Bishop is Dr Abe Chilehem, who also holds a Ph.D. from SKNIHSCIG, and a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Walla Walla.

The Center's Big Legal-Eagle and All-Around Mascot is Tracey Buskin, who once studied some science and has appeared as a caller on Rush Limbaugh's nationally-syndicated radio program.



What We Do


Despite extreme persecution and ridicule at the hands of the notorious Darwinist International Conspiracy, we continue to campaign for the opportunity to place before High School students the daily-accumulating evidence to show where babies really come from. We have banded together and hired an army of lawyers and Public Relations gurus dedicated to the extirpation of heartless materialism from science, and the establishment of the TRVTH of the Cabbage Patch. It is time to preach the controversy!


What You Can Do


We of the Dysovary Institute are daily fighting the pernicious Darwinist doctrines which underpin every moral outrage abroad in the world today--but we need You! We need your good will. We need your prayers. Most of all, we need your cash, as much as you can spare, and we need it now!


And did we say, send your cash?



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