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League of Overseers

Page history last edited by Swinefat Pink 13 years, 8 months ago

THE LEAGUE OF OVERSEERS is a phylum within the admimistrative regnum (or Kingdom) of the Supreme Primateship of the Darwintern.



The League's membership has never been disclosed, and rumours about it are never confirmed or denied. The usual claims are that the League of Overseers consists of representatives of the Royal Family, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bank of England, the Congregation of Oxford University, the Royal Society of London, and the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.


The few Americans mentioned are usually associated with banks, J.P.Morgan being always included in such tales, although the American Philosophical Society is frequently cited. Queries to such institutions about the League are never answered.




All that is known with any certainty is that the League acts in a supervisory role, and is likely to be the principal operational conduit between the Supreme Primateship and the Darwintern. 


The League of Overseers is also the body which determines the successor to the chair of the Grand Master when it falls vacant.  Meeting in the fabled Piltdown Room of the Darwintern Head Office, the manner of the League's deliberations during a Conclave of Selection are shrouded in secrecy.


See also: Organisation of the Darwintern


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