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Organisation of the Darwintern

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THE ORGANISATION of the vast global conspiracy that is the Darwintern is fabulously intricate and fiendishly complex. But not, however, irreducibly complex.


Despite the ferocious secrecy practised by the Brotherhood in Pondscum, a few features of the cabal have been documented, and many more deduced. Although the organisation shows unmistakable signs of evolution since its creation, there is also considerable evidence of a Grand Master exercising Intelligent Design in the creation of the original cabal.


Nature of the Darwintern's Structure


Since its formal inception in 1859, the Darwintern has effectively co-opted and absorbed virtually every other global conspiracy bent on total world domination, from the Freemasons, Illuminati and Opus Dei on through to the Rosicrusians, the Trilateral Commission and the Rancho Cucamonga Amateur Horticultural Society.


Additionally, the organisation appears to include, on the analogy of 'junk DNA' in the genome, departments with functions that appear contradictory or altogether meaningless.  For example, both a Department of Hoaxes and a Hoax Department of Hoaxes have been identified, each within different line management.


Organisational Hierarchy


Many signs and traces of earlier global conspiracies (whether ancestral or subsequently subsumed) may be found as vestigal departments within the labyrinth of the vast Darwintern bureaucracy, as can various ancient titles of office.  A definitive structure cannot therefore be documented from present knowledge and speculation.


However, it has been established that the basic organisational hierarchy is based on the Linnean system of biological classification. At the highest level, the conspiracy is divided into three regna, or kingdoms, which in turn are subdivided into phyla, also known as Ministries.  Such Ministerial phyla are further subdivided into Classes, Orders, Families, and so on, right down to Cells.


Kingdoms (Regna)


Although a number of Regna are likely to exist, only two principle administrative Kingdoms have been identifed to date, viz.

     * The Supreme Primateship

     * Coven of Ministers

They may be briefly described, as follows:


Supreme Primateship


At the highest level, and co-ordinating the other regna of the whole vast conspiracy, is the Supreme Primateship, representing the Secretariat of the Grand Master. Operating at Darwintern Head Office located somewhere in the Galapagos Islands, the Supreme Primateship's phyla include


* League of Overseers, a plenipotentary politburo which includes prominent leaders from a wide range of enterprises

* The Central Economic Directorate, which controls over 90% of the world's currencies through its penetration of such bodies as the IMF, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and the NYSE.

* The Rostrum of the Grand Master's Spokesman.


Coven of Ministers


The Coven of Ministers is responsible for most of the cabal's day-to-day plotting, conspiring, and subversion.


The Coven comprises such phyla as the Ministry of Lust  (sometimes referred to as "Blue Ops") and the Ministry of Greed (which undertakes fundraising for the conspriacy), and is unofficially known as the Seven Deadly Ministries.


See main article: The Seven Deadly Ministries.



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