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Pimento Prognostication

Page history last edited by Swinefat Pink 14 years, 2 months ago


PIMENTO PROGNOSTICATION is the most sacred and most secret of all of the diabolical rituals of the Darwintern.  It is believed to be a key feature of the Conclave of Selection held by the League of Overseers.


Almost nothing is known of its origin, significance, nor ritual practise.  Darwintern agents have refused to divulge any details about pimentos even under extreme torture. 



Intercepted Darwintern documents and wire-tap transcripts reveal, however, that the ritual has given rise to a number of phrases used by Darwintern Agents and Operatives, viz:


Only pimento knows!

As the pimentos foretold

Here today, pimento tomorrow


But the meaning of these phrases is, at present, entirely unclear.



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