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South Kansas Normal Institute of His Second Coming in Glory

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THE SOUTH KANSAS NORMAL INSTITUTE of His Second Coming in Glory  (SKNIHSCG) is one of the world's foremost academic establishments dedicated to the study of Creation Science.




Serving the Lord through the U.S. Postal system since 1988.




Situated on nearly a quarter acre of rolling suburban gardens near Wichita, the main campus building (Luskin Hall) consists of full catering and dormitory facilities for a family of four. 


Luskin Hall, SKNIHSCG


Academic Departments and Degree Courses


SKNIHSCG offers a full range of Home Study DVD courses in the following academic disciplines:


Dinosaurology: Meet Adam and Eve's Favourite Pets

Baraminology for Beginners: A Kinder, Gentler Kind of Kind

The Good Shepherd's Guide to Fleecing the Flock: Taxes are for the Little Non-Ordained People


Distinguished Faculty and Alumni


* Dr Abe Chilehem, Biblical Baraminologist

* Phillip E. Yawnsome, lawyer and author of Darwin is Vile (1993)

* Dr. Jonathan Swell, Moonie and author of Icons of Convoultion (2000)

* Tracey Buskin, legal-eagle blogger extraordinaire


By remarkable coincidence, all of the above are also Fellows of the Dysovary Institute of Walla Walla, Washington.


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