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Vetting Chambers

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THE VETTING CHAMBERS is the popular term for part of the Grand Master's private wing within the Darwintern's HQ in the Galapagos Islands.  The entrance to this wing is heavily fortified and under constant guard by elite contingents from the legendary Hammer of Darwin.


It is believed that the Vetting Chambers are routinely graced by a steady procession of  "Angels" seeking career advancement by winning the 'fitness approval' of the Grand Master. 



Rare photograph of the anteroom to the fabled Vetting Chambers,

where Hollywood Starlets are said to "warm themselves up" before

entering into the august presence of the Grand Master himself.

This photo was secretly taken by an FBI mole who was subsequently

apprehended and is believed to have met a horrible fate in the Tortoise Pits


According to some accounts, the Vetting Chambers are actually used by the Grand Master's Spokesman. The GM's own facilities for personal 'recreation' are said to be far more luxirious and exclusive. Such rumours, however, are believed by some to be spread by the GM's Spokesman himself in an attempt to bolster his own self-esteem.


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